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ATELIER Jouer-Jouet´╝ĆEmbroidery studio´╝ĆATELIER Jouer-Jouet is the embroidery studio & atelier underJouer-Jouet's management, who is running an embroidery, hobby & handicrafts onlineshop.You are able to leaning basic beads embroidery technique, additionaly, aariwork that is professional indian embroidery technique in our studio who build on the concept of simply enjoy. Variety of aariwork techniques, that is an essential technique for Haute couture in the present,   are concemed such as beads, sequins, crystals, threads.Once one is familliar with how Aariwork, they will embroider quickly & accurately.The freewheeling thinking without stereotype is the best part of original work. We think with students how can you create your favorite work, we make those materials if you need.There are covered with many embroidery materials from around the world.Please feel free to visit us!!