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Art Embroidery´╝ĆThe needle & the thread are invented since way back in unrecorded antiquity. Embroidery is advanced such as an authority, a religious symbolic decoration in many countries. Since then, in the late 18th century, embroidery motifs appeared in women's magazines.Many methods of producing & designs has been created by various designers. Nowaday, they are used in many aspects of daily life they fancinates many people.Even many methods of producing are completed, they are still varied according to fashion of the time and those materials & textiles are progressing, developing from day to day.The technique has a rule but it hasn't a taboo. Into the freewheeling, are there the art, the fun of making things, the springhead.We are aiming the studio that can to shape the form such a freewheeling and we are thinking that to have a great time creating work with you, everybody.